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7 Seconds

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The Crew
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1. Heres Your Warning
2. Definate Choice
3. Not Just Boys Fun
4. This Is Angry
5. Straight On
6. You Lose / What If Theres WAR In America

7. The Crew
8. Clenched Fists Black Eyes
9. Coloured Blind
10.Aim To Please
12.Young Til I Die
13.Red And Black
14.Die Hard

Skin Brains & Guts
1. Skin Brains & Guts
2. No Authority
3. Redneck Society
4. Baby Games
5. Racism Sucks
6. This Is My Life
7. Anti Clan
8. I Hate Sports
9. Were Gonna Fight
10.99 Balloons
11.How Do You Think
12.In Your Face
13.Young Til I Die
14.Remains To Be

Other Videos
Red And Black & Die Hard
Skin Brains & Guts (live) 1985.


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