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Grunge – Punk – Stoner – Alternative – Metal - Australian.
Blog created to store my YouTube favourites in case YouTube decides to
axe my Channel again. And a bit of a shrine / ode to all the great bands I’ve enjoyed. Also to give something back to all the great blogs I’ve scored stuff from that
Id otherwise not be able to get. They know who they are. Thanks.

Albums 99% off vinyl. All albums have
a download link and are of 320kbps or higher quality.

Pretty much everything from my YouTube channel can be played here off the
one page.Play & or download single tracks or full albums.

A-Z - List of album uploads.
Videos - Full Live Gigs. Which you may or may not be interested in.
Blogs – Cool and Quirky Sites I come across. Blogs I follow.
Posters - Collection of tour posters (shit from my FB feed).
Weirdos – You won’t find another chat like this. is a free international open
html based chat. Features play / share music, images, text or cam chat or both
with friends or strangers while arguing and taking the piss out of one another.
WARNING! – Graphic Adult Material posted along with Immature Behaviour. Ripoffrecords takes no responsibility for content posted on Weirdos.

Eventually I II get my shit together & pay for media hosting you will be able
to download directly from the blog instead of being redirected to my Mediafire.

For album upload notifications add us to Google Friends or like to facebook .
I don’t post to frequently when I do its usually in a 10 or so album batch.

Anyone wanting to contact me should you want your music removed or for any
other reason, can do so via ripoffrecords YouTube or Ripoffrecords facebook.




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